Bank Stock Returns and Economic Variables: An Empirical Analysis for Germany


Asset Pricing, Empirical Capital Market Research

S. Geberl, H.-R. Kaufman, M.J: Menicchetti; D.F. Wiesner (Hrsg.) Aktuelle Entwicklungen im Finanzdienstleistungsbereich, Physica Verlag, 205-219 (2004)


Bessler, W. Opfer, H.


The large number of asset pricing models and empirical studies of stock returns are evidence of the desire to understand the return generating process of financial assets in general and in stocks in particular. One focus of the research in this area has been on multi-factor asset pricing models. These models are based on the assumption that the stock returns are generated by a limited number of company, industry or macroeconomic factors. It is remarkable that banks are usually excluded from most of the empirical analysis with the argument that they are special, thus requiring a different asset pricing model. The objective of this study is to analyse the importance of various economic factors in explaining the return structure for banks and to investigate whether banks are special due to the very nature of the banking business.

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