Asymptotic extrapolation of model-free implied variance: exploring structural underestimation in the VIX Index


Empirical Capital Market Research, Empirical Capital Market Research

Review of Derivatives Research volume


Philip Stahl


We show that the VIX Index structurally underestimates model-free implied volatility because its implementation omits extrapolation of the volatility smile in the tails. We use the asymptotic behavior of the volatility surface to construct a correction term that is model-independent and only requires option prices at the two outermost strikes. We show how to apply this correction to the VIX Index ex-post as well as how to modify its implementation accordingly. Furthermore, we show that the degree of underestimation varies over time. For the S&P 500 Index and the DJIA Index the error is larger in periods of sustained low volatility. This cannot be observed for the Volatility-of-VIX Index.

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